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around the world. Classes comprise children of different ages. Students learn at their own pace and choose whether to work alone or in groups. Teachers observe children and introduce new lessons as they are ready. Waldorf Waldorf Education was founded by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist and philosopher. It is named after a German factory at which Steiner created a school for the workers' children in 1919. Steiner insisted on a 12-year school available to all children of both genders, and in which teachers would have great control. Waldorf schools are independently run, but they must be accredited as embodying Waldorf principles and teaching practices. The philosophy emphasizes experiential learning for the whole child (heart, hands and head). Schools provide a calm, home-like setting. Reggio Emilia An early childhood educational approach founded by Italian teacher Loris Malaguzzi in the city of Emilia Romagna after World War II. It is a complex approach that includes emphasizing independent thinking, cooperation, special layout of schools to encourage learning and discovery, and documenting children's daily experiences. In this child- led system, teachers guide students to develop their ideas and express their learning through a wide range of materials and experiences. specialty programs Some schools specialize in meeting unique needs, including programs for children with special needs and schools for students with remedial or behavioural requirements – such as therapeutic programs or military boarding schools. Some schools may specialize in specific interests, such as schools for arts education or sports development. These schools specialize, but still offer full academic curricula. Pickering College World Class. BILINGUAL • IB WORLD SCHOOL • CO-ED • AGE 2 TO GRADE 12 Academically ambitious, our Kindergarten students apply what they learn in their ravine classroom. Through our unique blend of the Ontario, French national and IB curricula, TFS – Canada's International School prepares fully bilingual students for tomorrow. A future with limitless opportunities.

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