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ParentsCanada Guide to Private School - Fall 2017

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ParentsCanada Guide to Private School | 2017 6 | ACIS – American Council for International Studies An organization that provides educational travel experiences for students in cooperation with its member schools. accreditation Official approval from an organization that assesses schools to ensure that they meet specific standards of accountability, education quality, and transferability of courses. admission test An entrance examination most private/independent schools give to potential students as part of the admissions process. It helps assess a student's skills in reading, writing and mathematics. advisor A teacher assigned to a high school student as an adult mentor outside the classroom. Advisors meet regularly with and monitor students to ensure school life is going well. Teacher advisor programs are typically offered at university preparatory day and boarding schools. AP (Advanced Placement) A program developed by the College Board organization in the United States. AP courses are university-level courses offered in participating high schools. Arrowsmith An educational program for children with specific learning disabilities. boarding school A school at which students study and live during the week or for the term. bursary Funds provided to qualified students who need help to pay for school costs. CAIS – Canadian Accredited Independent Schools An accrediting body for and network of independent schools across the country. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A U.K.-based organization that provides international curricula and qualifications for students and professional development for teachers. Schools must apply in order to offer the program. cooperative learning Learning through group work/ the teaching and practising of collaborative learning skills. coeducational (co-ed) A school with male and female students, not boys or girls only. day school A school students attend for set hours during the day. differentiated instruction An instructional approach in which teachers convey curricula using a variety of methods to accommodate students' different learning styles. discovery learning A learning approach in which activities allow students to gain knowledge on their own by performing experiments, for example, or by exploring their environments. direct instruction A traditional method of teaching, in which teachers instruct children using specific lesson plans and lectures. experiential learning Learning through experience – or learning by doing. form teacher The home room teacher. head of college/head of school/headmaster The person in charge of the school. He or she is responsible for hiring and supervising staff, overseeing school programs, advocating for the school, representing the school's governing body and representing the school to outside organizations, etc. This position is similar to a public school principal. IB (International Baccalaureate) An educational foundation that offers four international curricula, including the Diploma Program – available since 1968. Schools must be authorized by the IB organization in order to offer the programs. International Boys' Schools Coalition An organization that advocates the education of boys in a single gender environment as beneficial to boys' academic, emotional and moral development. Private & Independent Schools: is there a difference? Technically, there's a difference between independent and private schools. Independent schools are not-for-profit, run by an independent body such as a board of governors, and typically have charitable status. A private school is for profit, and its method of oversight can vary. Yet a private school can be accredited as independent if it meets certain criteria; indeed, some schools call themselves 'private independent'. Many Canadians say 'private school' when referring to any school outside the public systems. That's what we've done in this magazine. GET STARTED WITH SOME EDUCATION BUZZWORDS FIRST THINGS first

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