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ParentsCanada Guide to Private School | 2017 4 | North Star Montessori I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING. YOU CAN'T AFFORD PRIVATE school. Don't be so sure. Hear us out in 'Dollars and Cents' (page 12), where we talk about the many ways average families manage, including financial aid from schools. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this year, Canadians view diversity as our strength. Today's private schools have embraced all kinds of diversity, too – including socioeconomic. Speaking of diversity, independent schools are a world of choice. The school that's ideal for one student isn't best for another. Read in these pages about the types of schools – and get advice from a Head of School about choosing the right place for your child. Virtually all private schools take in new pupils each year who previously attended public schools. We talked to several school leaders to find out the most common reasons why some children make the decision to switch. And did you know that when they attend private schools, kids' participation in a certain number of different types of activities is mandatory. This is a massive bonus for a shy kid, for a child who thinks they hate sports, or one who wouldn't be inclined to try out a fine art or club. There's lots of choice because co-curriculars are also mandatory for teachers. No one misses out on what's learned being part of a sports team – or on finding a passion in a pursuit they never would have tried. I haven't even touched on superior academic support or the benefits of boarding and day programs. All these topics and more are covered in this issue. And don't miss our piece on great Canadians in various fields who – you guessed it – attended private schools. Take a look! — Tracy Cooper Private schools stretch horizons BIG PASSION North Star Montessori School ParentsCanada Guide to Editor Tracy Cooper Art Director S. Dale Vokey Contributing designer Susan Jackson Contributors Lydia J. Hawkins Dr. Glenn Zederayko Vice President, Production Patrick McCormick Publisher Don Swinburne Vice President, Publisher, ParentsCanada Jane Bradley National and Toronto Account Manager Lori Dickson Account Manager Kim Magill Sales Co-ordinator Starlene Courts-Hedd Vice President, Marketing David Baker Operations Manager Trevor Baker Controller Carol Fagan Vice President, Digital David Baker Senior Web Strategist Matt Doris Online Content Producer Angela Rotundo Social Media Manager Amy Bielby President, Family Communications Don Swinburne Senior Vice President, Group Editor Bettie Bradley Vice President/Director, Corporate Development Brian Baker

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