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should also query them about faculty and staff turnover at the school. My neighbour's child is in grade six and does three hours of homework a night. Is this a good thing? Some parents believe good schools pile on homework to ensure children succeed in a competitive, uncertain work force. The effectiveness of this approach is debatable. Homework should be meaningful and develop higher level thinking skills, such as applying knowledge and skills to solve problems. Developing an eager, disciplined approach to learning is important. But hours of memorizing will not help your child become a creative, innovative thought leader and problem-solver. It's important that my child is prepared for a world where technology is more and more prevalent. What should I look for? The fi rst consideration is that the school keeps students safe. Next, computer labs tend to be passé. Schools don't make students share pencils; the same should be true about technology. You may hear every student has a Chromebook or an iPad, but how do students use these devices? They should be integrated into instruction and open up the world. Technology can be seductive without being highly effective as a learning tool. For example, one student using an interactive board while 19 others look on is not engaging every student. What about social supports? Making sure students look after each other should be one of the fi rst things you hear about when you visit. Does the school handbook promote clear guidelines that promote positive interactions? Do programs bring older and younger students together to promote constructive relationships? When you visit, do students seem happy? Are they polite and respectful? Do teachers and administrative staff interact with students in a cheerful, encouraging, courteous manner? Dr. Glenn Zederayko is Head of School at Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria, B.C. He has inspired students, staff and parents in fi ve private schools in three provinces for more than 30 years. One 'best' school that fi ts every child perfectly is a myth. Pick the school that's best for your child. Bayview Glen Independent School Strong Academics, Athletic, Music & Visual Arts Advanced Reach Ahead Program & Highschool Standing Advanced French & Mandarin Chinese Language Curriculum Small Personalized Classes Dedicated Qualied Teaching Sta Wide Range of Extracurricular Activities Hot Lunch Provided

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