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2017 | | 15 WHAT HEADS OF SCHOOL SAY Edison School The Priory School Shawnigan Lake Progressive Academy "You will always have the child who will be hesitant to join. When you make it so they must, they might be terrified at first, but they have to get out of their comfort zone. The world these children will be going into, they have to have a broad base of experience. It can't just be what's learned in the books anymore. Those days are gone." Eileen Daunt, Bayview Independent School, Toronto "There's so much to learn when you're part of a team: how to work together, win together, lose together, with people different from you. The common experience, friendships that develop, the skills you learn, are so important." Michael Wolfe Stanstead College Stanstead, QC "Put the buffet out and let them try it in a non-threatening way. There's no expectation at excellence with extracurriculars. It's too young to tell children that they don't have an aptitude for something." Tim Peters, The Priory School, Montreal "That's just healthy, active living. As adults, we've got to find an hour a day to do something. If we don't ingrain those healthy habits in this generation, we're doing them a disservice. You've always wanted to play ice hockey but don't know how to skate? There's a development team. It's not like you're gonna ride the pine all season." Joe Seagram, King's-Edgehill School, Windsor, NS

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